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  • Two Minds for Neo-Calvinism

    In his foreword to Cory C. Brock and N. Gray Sutanto’s Neo-Calvinism: A Theological Introduction , George Harinck notes: Internationally the interest in neo-Calvinist dogmatics is on the
  • Presbyterians Yesterday and Today

    Presbyterians continue to play an important role in American religious life. While making up less than 5% of the population today, historically Presbyterians have punched above their weight
  • Paul Johnson: A Modern Victorian

    On the 12th of January this year, British journalist and writer Paul Johnson died at the age of 94. Setting to the job of writing about him, it quickly started to seem as if 94 years were
  • Brother Andrew: God’s Smuggler

    Modern Christians typically visualize martyrs as historical figures, such as believers killed for entertainment in ancient Rome’s Coliseum. However, Christians of all varieties continue to
  • Is the New Right Fascist?

    A common experience for American conservatives is to hear a progressive call their policy positions “fascist.” Usually the connection between said policy and fascism is, at best, tenuous: