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Join us in our quest for a free and virtuous society. For over twenty five years, the Acton Institute, a leading educational organization, has been integrating the ideas of religion and liberty. Our focus is on the role of religion in laying the moral foundation for a just society and on the role of freedom in securing the conditions under which religious conscience can be exercised.

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For over twenty five years, the Acton Institute, a leading educational organization, has been integrating the ideas of religion and liberty. Our focus is on the role of religion in laying the moral foundation for a just society and on the role of freedom in securing the conditions under which religious conscience can be exercised.

Our mission is to promote a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles. Our strategy is to educate religious and business leadership around the world. We accomplish our mission through research, publications, conferences, lectures, and seminars.

Life at Acton

Acton is home to over 40 employees who work at our Grand Rapids office, with others working abroad at our affiliate offices in Rome and Buenos Aires. Acton is dedicated to making a truly global impact, and this is where it all starts. Our collaborative workspace layout and new office amenities serve to bring employees and guests together to discuss the ideals we seek to promote.


Even if they are not directly involved in planning, employees are encouraged to attend Acton events and engage with each other as well as the ideas we explore on a daily basis. We strive to live lives characterized by virtue and practicing what we teach. Acton also hosts fun events for employees, such as the spring/summer kickball league and office sports brackets.

Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Photo by Rudy Malmquist.

Our Location

The Acton Institute is headquartered in the heart of Grand Rapids, a beautiful riverside city in Western Michigan. We are housed in the new Acton Building in downtown Grand Rapids situated at the corner of Fulton and Sheldon, in the Heartside Community.


The Acton Institute offers a variety of internships for current students and recent graduates.