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The Acton Institute publishes both popular-level and academic books across the disciplines of theology, economics, ethics, and history. Acton Books consists of three publishing platforms: the Acton Institute imprint, Christian’s Library Press, and the Journal of Markets & Morality.

The Acton Institute imprint is the institute’s original in-house publishing outlet. This imprint includes books and monographs on a wide variety of topics across multiple disciplines. In addition to original works, collections of essays, and important reprint titles, this imprint features the Christian Social Thought Series and the Orthodox Christian Social Thought Series. Titles in these series address contemporary and perennial social, economic, and ethical issues by drawing on the rich resources of their respective traditions.

Founded in 1979 by Gerard Berghoef and Lester DeKoster, Christian’s Library Press has been committed to publishing influential texts on church leadership, the vocation of work, and stewardship for almost 40 years. The Acton Institute has administered the imprint since 2009, and the imprint has been expanded to include books on the relationship between the church and civil society, as well as academic studies and translations in the fields of economics, ethics, and law.

Journal of Markets & Morality is a peer-reviewed academic journal. The journal promotes intellectual exploration of the relationship between economics and morality from both social science and theological perspectives, and the editors welcome submission of articles written by professional scholars and graduate students in economics, theology, ethics, and philosophy.

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