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Sirico Parables book

Management Council

Karen Abbs

Chief People & Culture Officer

Kevin R. Augustyn

Vice President of Development

Stephen P. Barrows, PhD

Chief Operating Officer

Alejandro A. Chafuen, PhD

Managing Director, International

Dan Churchwell

Director of Programs & Education

Eric Kohn

Director of Marketing & Communications

Michael Matheson Miller

Chief of Strategic Initiatives

John C. Pinheiro, PhD

Director of Research

Rev. Robert A. Sirico

President Emeritus

Thomas L. Vogt, CPA

Chief Financial Officer


Daniel Baas

Creative Production Manager

Anthony B. Bradley

Distinguished Research Fellow

Dave Cooper

Information Technology Manager

Rita De Vecchi

Special Projects Coordinator

Noah Gould

Alumni and Student Programs Manager

Joshua Gregor

International Relations Assistant

Katharine Harger

Executive Assistant

Jim Healy

Chicago Representative

Andy Houser

Operations Coordinator, Bookshop Manager

Dan Hugger

Librarian and Research Associate

Darcy Kampfschulte

Development Operations Specialist

Kayla Kaseska

Donor Relations and Stewardship Manager

Paul Kayembe

Annual Giving Officer

Julia Kenney

Conference Coordinator

Alaina Kwiatkowski

Conference Coordinator

Colette LaFave

Conference Manager

Nathan Mech

Collins Center Manager

Amanda (Weaver) Oetting


Dylan Pahman

Executive Editor of JMM, Research Fellow

Rebecca Petrucelli

Development Assistant

Josh Rammler


Anthony Sacramone


Michael Severance

Director, Istituto Acton

Vladimir Snurenco

Research Fellow, Center for Social Flourishing

Luke Strobel

Conference Coordinator

Kyle Sweitzer

Development Associate

Bob Thomson

Web Developer

Mark Townsend

Media Production Specialist

Rachael Toel, CNAP

Senior Accountant

Christopher Warner

Foundation Relations Officer

Caleb Whitmer

Project Manager, Center for Social Flourishing

Samantha Zielinski

Research Assistant

Affiliate Scholars & Fellows

Mustafa Akyol

Affiliate Scholar

Hunter Baker, JD, PhD

Affiliate Scholar

Victor V. Claar, PhD

Affiliate Scholar

Rachel Ferguson

Affiliate Scholar

Dr. Yehonatan Givati

Affiliate Scholar, Collins Center for Abrahamic Heritage

Samuel Goldman, PhD

Affiliate Scholar

Manoj Mathew


David J. Hebert

Affiliate Scholar, Managing Editor of Journal of Markets & Morality

Marvin Olasky

Affiliate Scholar

Stephanie Slade

Fellow in Liberal Studies

Kevin Vallier

Affiliate Scholar

Board of Directors

Emerging Leaders

Peter Balos

Emerging Leader

Lidiia Batig

Emerging Leader

Terrence Bell

Emerging Leader

Ryan Cauwenberghs

Emerging Leaders

Csaba Deli

Emerging Leader

Thomas Dias

Emerging Leader

Gianna Dugan

Emerging Leader

Micah Machiela

Emerging Leader

Rena Mainetti

Emerging Leader

Maggie Newell

Emerging Leader

Teresa Overholser

Emerging Leader

Joe Sebastian

Emerging Leader

Sarah Thomas

Emerging Leader

Sam Voss

Emerging Leader

John Welte

Emerging Leader

Jacob Young

Emerging Leader