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Rev. Robert A. Sirico, Acton’s president, has said, "The Acton Institute has two broad goals.  First, make the moral and economic case for the market economy as a necessary bulwark of freedom and prosperity.  Second, shore up the cultural and moral foundations that establish and preserve the market economy from being undermined by the state."  I want to  advance these goals as a community organizer for Acton in Chicago. 

Several years of fortunate involvement (intellectual and spiritual enrichment) with Acton prompted me, a few years ago, to tell Kris Mauren that I wanted to invest the rest of my life as a "missionary for Acton."   We agreed that my focus would be on cultivating the greater-Chicago area in concert with the development team in Grand Rapids.  This was a new horizon rising for me as result of the Holy Spirit working through my friend, Norb Crowe, who got me involved with Acton in the first place.

I have the best motivation for this effort one could possibly imagine: family, especially my children and grandchildren, who I want to enjoy at least the same opportunities, rights and responsibilities I have been fortunate enough to experience through my life in this most blessed country, which serves as a beacon of hope for the world.  Beyond this selfish interest, I remember that The Lord has commanded us to love our neighbor as yourself, and, for me, Acton incarnates this.  Above all, Acton is committed to the human person: uncompromising in promoting human dignity, freedom and creativity.  Through a genuinely ecumenical and non-partisan partnership across religious traditions, the institute encourages leaders throughout the world to pursue morally and economically sound policies worthy of the human person.  The intent is to provide people with the framework to live out their God-given potential, just as we strive to do with members of our family.

And speaking of family, my wife Judy and I live in Naperville, IL; we are (mostly!) fortunate that our eight children and eleven grandchildren live in relatively close proximity.  Judy's professional background was in insurance; mine in media and marketing.  Judy enjoys gardening, and I've gone from flying a glider - in follow up to several years of active and reserve service in the USAF - to sailing.  We both enjoy reading and playing cards, Judy knits, and I bring antique frames back to life for creative new service.  We are active in the community and with various ministries at our respective churches, where we have been blessed to make many good friends over the years.  We hope to continue to make new friends for Acton all across Chicago.  

To attract more people to Acton now and the future, we would welcome to our local team all those who share our belief in the Acton mission: partner with us in promoting it, indeed, to be an entrepreneur in meeting this challenge. To get started contact me at [email protected]