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  • Friends, not Gods

    • David Bentley Hart’s new book takes its title from Jesus’ exchange with the Jews in John 10, in which he quotes a line from Psalm 82: “You are gods.” In Hart’s hands, Jesus’ quotation
  • The Abolition of Man Postponed

    • When you pick up Michael Ward’s After Humanity—a 240-page “guide” to a pamphlet which, in my copy, runs to 49 pages—it is hard not to ask yourself what C.S. Lewis himself would have made of
  • A Vision of Black Success

    • In the 1996 New Yorker special edition Black in America, Hendrik Hertzberg and Henry Louis Gates Jr. wrote, “For African Americans, the country of oppression and the country of liberation
  • Education as the Fullness of Life

    • Plato, in The Republic, complains that in democratic times a teacher “fears and fawns upon the pupils, and the pupils pay no heed to the teacher … or to their overseers either.” The youth
  • Revival in Babel’s Shadow

    • Everyone knows about Babel. Variations on the story appear in Sumerian, Greco-Roman, and pre-Columbian Central America, and possibly African mythology. But the most familiar version is the
  • Art Will Find a Way

    • We don’t have a lot of good ways to judge what makes an art important to civilization. Sales and popularity are generally insufficient guides: We intuitively know that Michelangelo produced
  • Civic Education and American Renewal

    • It is not an intrinsic indictment of today’s national government to say that the Framers of the U.S. Constitution would not recognize it. They were, after all, revolutionaries who threw off