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Sirico Parables book

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  • The Metaverse Does Not Exist

    The metaverse does not exist, yet we’ve been talking about it for 30 years. This should not surprise, as its first appearance in the English language is in a work of fiction. The term’s
  • Friends, not Gods

    David Bentley Hart’s new book takes its title from Jesus’ exchange with the Jews in John 10, in which he quotes a line from Psalm 82: “You are gods.” In Hart’s hands, Jesus’ quotation
  • The Abolition of Man Postponed

    When you pick up Michael Ward’s After Humanity—a 240-page “guide” to a pamphlet which, in my copy, runs to 49 pages—it is hard not to ask yourself what C.S. Lewis himself would have made of
  • A Vision of Black Success

    In the 1996 New Yorker special edition Black in America, Hendrik Hertzberg and Henry Louis Gates Jr. wrote, “For African Americans, the country of oppression and the country of liberation
  • Education as the Fullness of Life

    Plato, in The Republic, complains that in democratic times a teacher “fears and fawns upon the pupils, and the pupils pay no heed to the teacher … or to their overseers either.” The youth
  • Revival in Babel’s Shadow

    Everyone knows about Babel. Variations on the story appear in Sumerian, Greco-Roman, and pre-Columbian Central America, and possibly African mythology. But the most familiar version is the