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A quarterly journal of religion, economics & culture

Essays, book reviews, and interviews with those working for a free and virtuous society. Visit the archives to download free issues from years past.

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  • Mistaken About Poverty

    Perhaps it is because America is the land of liberty and opportunity that debates about poverty are especially intense in the United States. Americans and would-be Americans have long been
  • Creating an Economy of Inclusion

    The poor have been the main subject of concern in the whole tradition of Catholic Social Teaching. The Catholic Church talks often about a “preferential option for the poor.” In recent years
  • Adam Smith and the Poor

    Adam Smith did not seem to think that riches were requisite to happiness: “the beggar, who suns himself by the side of the highway, possesses that security which kings are fighting for” (
  • The Prosperity Pyramid Scheme

    In the West, we live in prosperity but are often unaware of the sources of that prosperity. We even think we have some special insight into the causes of prosperity because we’re wealthy. At
  • Saving St. Louis One Block at a Time

    When it comes to poverty alleviation in our most struggling communities, both our public and our private efforts can let our suffering neighbors down. Public efforts are by their very nature