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    This week, Eric, Dan, and Noah discuss the philanthropic efforts of MrBeast, the YouTube star with more than 200 million followers, in building wells in Kenya, which has come in for some criticism. Are MrBeast’s efforts making a positive impact, or are they worthy of the criticism they’re receiving? Or both? And what could he and other people with high profiles who seek to do good do differently? Next, the panel discusses the report from the pro-Israel outfit Honest Reporting about freelance photojournalists working for the Associated Press, Reuters, the New York Times, and others being embedded with Hamas on October 7. What questions about ethics in journalism does this raise? And finally, the University of Austin is open for business. But how successful will it be at attracting students and building a different way of providing higher education?

    MrBeast builds 100 wells in Africa, attracting praise – and some criticism | CNN

    Broken Borders: AP & Reuters Pictures of Hamas Atrocities Raise Ethical Questions | Honest Reporting

    Israel Accuses Freelance Photographers of Advance Knowledge of Oct. 7 Attack | New York Times

    Media watchdog says it was just ‘raising questions’ with insinuations about photographers and Hamas | Associated Press

    Watchdog accepts news orgs weren’t tipped off about Oct. 7: We just ‘raised questions’ | Times of Israel

    Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board gives first go-ahead to new University of Austin | Austin American-Statesman

    University of Austin Board of Advisors