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    This week, Eric, Dan, and Dylan are joined by AEI’s Christine Rosen to discuss her cover essay for the Summer edition of Religion & Liberty, "Can Americans Learn to Trust Again?” Why has social trust eroded in America, and what can be done to restore it? Then, would warning labels on social media like we have on cigarettes protect children, or anyone, from its harms? And finally, Cornerstone University here in Grand Rapids has laid off its humanities and music faculty, in addition to making other cuts. Is Christian higher education in a crisis?

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    Can Americans Learn to Trust Again? | Christine Rosen, Religion & Liberty

    Christine Rosen | American Enterprise Institute

    Surgeon General: Why I’m Calling for a Warning Label on Social Media Platforms | Vivek Murthy, New York Times

    Decay and Reform in Christian Higher Education | Dylan Pahman, Acton Institute