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List of Readings


Beisner, E. Calvin

Benedict XVI, Pope

Bigongiari, D., ed

Buttiglione, Rocco

Calvez, S.J., Jean-Yves

Chafuen, Alejandro

Rodger, S.J., Charles

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de Lubac, S.J., Henri

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Ederer, Rupert J

Gay, Craig M

Bradley, Gerard V., ed

Gregg, Samuel

Henry, Carl F

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Heckel, R

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Hoffner, J

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John XXIII, Pope

John Paul II, Pope

Kraynack, Robert

Kuyper, Abraham

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Lawler, P

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Leo XIII, Pope

Luther, Martin

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Marshall, Paul

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Messner, Johannes

Mueller, Franz

Murray, S.J., John Courtney

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Nash, Ronald H

Neuhaus, Richard John

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Olasky, Marvin

  • Olasky, Marvin. The Tragedy of American Compassion. Washington, DC: Regnery, 1992.

Paul VI, Pope

Pius XI, Pope

Phan, Peter C., ed

Ratzinger, Joseph

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Schuck, M

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Weigel, George, ed

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  • Weigel, George. Soul of the World. Grand Rapids, MI: William B. Eerdmans, 1996.

Wogaman, J. Philip