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Resources: The Thomistic Institute's 'Aquinas 101'

    The Thomistic Institute has a new video series introducing the work of St. Thomas Aquinas called Aquinas 101.

    The videos are well done, concise, and clear, and if you are looking for an introduction to St. Thomas, this is a good place to start. I started showing it to my older children, and they liked it.

    The videos begin with an introduction to Aquinas and address some of his key ideas. People often feel daunted by the idea of reading St. Thomas, so one of the early videos even provides a good summary of the method of disputation and how to read a question.

    After the first section of introduction videos, they have a number of short videos on issues including:

    It is a great way to learn some of the basic principles of Thomistic thinking.

    They also have the Summa Theologiae indexed, so that you can read it online.

    Here is the first video introducing the series:


    And here is one the four causes:

    The Thomistic Institute also has a number of audio podcasts that are also worth listening to.

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