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Transatlantic content featured on first rebranded Acton podcast

    After 11 years, the Acton Institute has changed the name of its weekly podcast from "Radio Free Acton" to "Acton Line." And the very first episode of the rebranded podcast features transatlantic content.

    Rev. Ben Johnson, senior editor of the Acton Institute's Religion & Liberty Transatlantic website, interviews Rev. Richard Turnbull of the Oxford-based Centre for Enterprise, Markets, and Ethics about the importance of private institutions such as schools. Rev. Turnbull, who is ordained clergy in the Church of England, provides the listener with a fascinating overview from UK history about what happened when the government assumed these responsibilities from the church, and he summarizes the consequences of an advancing government replacing a retreating church.

    Bruce Walker also interviews Emily Jashinsky, culture editor at The Federalist, about how Chinese funding of U.S. films has led to censorship on the big screen.

    You can listen to the full episode below: 

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