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The Great Works at the Acton Institute Open House

Tuesday, Nov. 30 - 4pm to 8pm

Multicolored ramshackle housing of a Brazilian favela



Poverty is not merely a lack of material wealth, but can also be defined as a deficit in the spiritual and social life nature. In truth, the whole person must be engaged in a relationship to put that person on path to a flourishing life.

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Statue of men waiting in a bread line during the Great Depression


Private charity through churches and other civil society groups are indispensable to a caring culture that seeks out the human person in need.

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Residents mill around USAID temporary housing

Foreign Aid

Billions of dollars continue to be wasted on foreign aid programs that do little to address the problems of a developing society while breeding corruption. Open markets and trade are the solution.

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A craftsman handcarving a decorative plate

Poverty Alleviation

The best anti-poverty program is a good job or a thriving business. A business is a community of persons, and it can offer every human person the opportunity to creatively apply and cultivate talents, as well as develop important virtues, such as diligence, industriousness, truthfulness, and reliability in interpersonal relationships, which are essential to living a fulfilling life.

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