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The Acton Institute recognizes the importance of a sound educational system to the future prosperity of a nation and its workforce. We promote increased competition and parental involvement in educational decision making.

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School Choice

Acton proposes a competitive system of choice for education that would offer a variety of school concepts as options from which families can choose, thus exercising their God-given rights as primary educators of children. Competition, we predict, will lead to the improvement of all schools, as each school will seek to increase its effectiveness, innovation, and additional services in order to attract more students.

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Christian Education

More than ever, opportunities should be afforded to families that wish to bring their children up with a moral education in accordance with their beliefs. A system of choice allows parents to choose schools that inject moral or religious themes into their children’s education.

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Teaching Virtue

There is no such thing as a value-free education. A value-free education is described as one in which students are supposed to be free from any coerced exposure to the values of anyone. This is a myth of course. A much more fruitful approach to education is a program based on the timeless virtues that educate and edify.

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