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Business & Society
Acton Institute believes that commerce is an essential component of any society, enabling individuals to freely serve the needs of one another through mutually beneficial exchange.   

Educational Choice
Acton Institute promotes increased competition and parental involvement in educational decision making as a means for furthering the intellectual and moral formation of America's children.

Effective Compassion
Acton Institute envisions a revitalized civil society that is energetically involved in transforming the lives of the poor with a minimum of government intervention.

Environmental Stewardship
Acton Institute recognizes that a strong, vibrant economy, and a vigorous commitment to property rights are essential to creating the necessary incentives for sound ecological stewardship practices.

International Trade
Acton Institute is committed to the free exchange of goods and services between persons, and acknowledges the essential relationship between a free, open economy and a free and prosperous people.   

Technology & Regulation
Acton Institute advocates a free economy and the notion that high technology plays a vital role in improving the lives of consumers through innovation; hence, creativity should not be hampered by governmental intrusion.