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  • On a Conservative Humanism

    In their learned book, The Wisdom of Our Ancestors : Conservative Humanism and the Western Tradition , Graham James McAleer and Alexander S. Rosenthal-Pubul ask: What is the wisdom of our
  • The Varieties of Reformation Experience

    Innocent visitors to an Episcopalian or Anglican church are often startled when the congregation blithely proclaim in the creed that they believe in “the holy Catholic Church.” Aren’t they
  • John Witherspoon: Educating for Liberty

    On the campus of Princeton University, near the chapel and the Firestone Library, there is a statue of the college’s president during the American Revolution, John Witherspoon. Outside a few
  • The Rebirth of a Heretical Islam

    When the terrorist army that calls itself “the Islamic state,” or ISIS, captured large parts of Iraq and Syria in the mid-2010s, the world was shocked. Many Muslims around the world were
  • The Gods of the City

    National Conservatism’s Statement of Principles , released in 2022, generated a flurry of interesting conservative writing on the relationship between religion and public life thanks to its
  • History for Life

    I have to begin with a confession. I have found myself developing a bit of an allergy to the increasingly widespread use of the word flourishing . It seems to me to be an elusive term that