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Essays, book reviews, and interviews with those working for a free and virtuous society. Visit the archives to download free issues from years past.

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  • John Witherspoon: Educating for Liberty

    On the campus of Princeton University, near the chapel and the Firestone Library, there is a statue of the college’s president during the American Revolution, John Witherspoon. Outside a few
  • The Rebirth of a Heretical Islam

    When the terrorist army that calls itself “the Islamic state,” or ISIS, captured large parts of Iraq and Syria in the mid-2010s, the world was shocked. Many Muslims around the world were
  • The Gods of the City

    National Conservatism’s Statement of Principles , released in 2022, generated a flurry of interesting conservative writing on the relationship between religion and public life thanks to its
  • History for Life

    I have to begin with a confession. I have found myself developing a bit of an allergy to the increasingly widespread use of the word flourishing . It seems to me to be an elusive term that