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    The Acton Institute announced today that Rachel Ferguson, director of the Center for Free Enterprise and Assistant Dean and Professor of Business Ethics in the College of Business at Concordia University Chicago, has joined the Acton Institute as an affiliate scholar.

    “The true pro-liberty Christian can often feel culturally homeless,” Ferguson said. “We’re too invested in our Christian commitments to deep community, care for the marginalized, and death to self, to feel entirely comfortable in today’s libertarian world. We’re too suspicious of state power and the corruption of politics to go all in with today’s populist conservatism. But we’re also too clear-eyed, and frankly ecstatic, about the liberating power of markets to fully embrace our friends in the Christian social justice movement. Coming to the Acton Institute is like coming home. I’m finally with my people.”

    In addition to her role at Concordia University Chicago, Rachel Ferguson is the co-author, with Marcus Witcher, of Black Liberation Through the Marketplace: Hope, Heartbreak, and the Promise of America. Her commentary can be found at National Review, the Christian Post, Law and Liberty, and the Acton Institute. She is a board member for the Freedom Center of Missouri, Faith Ascent Ministries, and LOVEtheLOU, and a founding member of Gateway 2 Flourishing. Ferguson received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from Saint Louis University in 2009.

    “In an era when the notions of free markets and virtue are so often scorned in our universities, Rachel’s academic leadership is a breath of fresh air,” said Dr. Stephen P. Barrows, Chief Operating Officer at the Acton Institute. “Few people are as persuasive as she is in promoting free enterprise and we are thrilled that she has joined our team as an Affiliate Scholar.”

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