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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., June 1, 2018— Seven professors from across the United States have received a mini-grant to fund faculty research and advance course development.

The Acton Institute Mini-Grants on Free Market Economics program accepts proposals from faculty members at colleges, seminaries, and universities in the United States and Canada in order to promote the scholarship and teaching of market economics. This program allows for collaboration between faculty from different universities, as well as help future leaders to emerge, strengthen, and expand the existing network of scholars within economics. Entrants may submit proposals in two broad categories: course development and faculty scholarship.

Here is the complete list of the 2018 winners and their specific projects:

PHIL 3- Intro. to Social-Political Philosophy
Chad Bogosian, Philosophy Instructor, Clovis Community College

CSE- Common Sense Economics
Tawni Ferrarini, Professor of Economic Education, Lindenwood University

Comparative Economic Systems Course Development
Enoch Hill, Assistant Professor of Economics, Wheaton College

Virtue and Markets Course Development
Jason Jewell, Professor of Humanities, Faulkner University

Freedom and Natural Law in the United States of America
Allen Mendenhall, Executive Director, Blackstone & Burke Center for Law & Liberty

Free Markets and their Requisite Moral Ontology
Scott Smith, Professor of Ethics and Christian Apologetics, Biola University

Recreating and Integrating the Economics Major with the Catholic Intellectual Tradition at Belmont Abbey College
Michael Watson, Assistant Professor, Belmont Abbey College

The Mini-Grants program forms part of a range of academic scholarships, grants, and awards available from the Acton Institute that support those engaged in serious reflection and research on the relationship between theology, the free market, limited government, and the rule of law. Details of these academic grants and scholarships may be found at

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