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How Your Donation to the Acton Institute Makes a Difference 

    “The essence of life is to serve others and do good,” wrote Aristotle. It’s no secret that the work of the Acton Institute would be impossible without the generosity of its donors, each of whom is interested in serving others and doing good. Since its founding in 1990, the Acton Institute has partnered with thousands of such generous people with the common goal of building a free and virtuous society.

    For 32 years, the Acton Institute has been equipping leaders with the intellectual tools they need to change their institutions and, ultimately, greater society. Over the past seven years, we’ve been able to grow our programs, reach new audiences, train Emerging Leaders, and host thousands of new participants at our educational events: Acton University, the Poverty Cure Summit, Toward a Free and Virtuous Society (FAVS) seminars, Business Matters conferences, and more. It is an exciting time at Acton.

    This year alone, more than 700 Acton program participants were able to receive generous scholarships, made possible by our benefactors. For example, the Charis Foundation sponsored current and future evangelical leaders to attend Acton University; Liberty Fund has made it possible for hundreds of graduate-level students to attend the Liberty & Markets series in Michigan; and recurring donors have empowered Acton to host the City FAVS in New York City for pastors, lay leaders, and those working in urban communities, enabling them to envision a new framework for addressing complex problems in today’s cities.

    The generosity of our donors allowed us to invest well-spent time and energy in a very impressive group of 20 college students this past summer through our Emerging Leaders internship program; host more than 3,000 poverty-fighting practitioners at our Poverty Cure Summit; and reach millions through our multimedia resources, including our growing podcasts Acton Line and Acton Unwind.

    Meanwhile, Poverty, Inc. continues to be used in classrooms throughout the world, and our most resent documentary, The Hong Konger: Jimmy Lai’s Extraordinary Struggle for Freedom, is making its debut.

    The generosity of our donors and volunteers has been crucial to us, no matter the size of the gift. For example, we have spearheaded life-changing conversations about poverty, faith, and the free market at our in-house lectures, which are designed to educate individuals about personal liberty, free enterprise, and personal responsibility.

    We’re very grateful for what we’ve accomplished at the Acton Institute with the help of our donors. Our plans are ambitious and much remains to be done. In the past we were forced at times to limit the number of conferences we would otherwise conduct because we simply didn’t have the resources to respond to every request. But as more donors embark on this journey with us, we’re enabled to expand our reach.

    The Acton Institute cherishes the friendships we have with our donors, current and future, and we hold to our pledge to be faithful stewards of your investment!

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    Through palpable results, stories, and our robust multimedia resources, including our growing podcasts Acton Line and Acton Unwind, we continue to reach millions of people. Meanwhile, Poverty, Inc., our award-winning documentary, continues to be shown in classrooms throughout the world.

    This is only possible, however, with your support.

    As a nonprofit, we rely on your financial support. We’re committed to investing in more programs and future leaders, but we need your help.

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