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    In autumn 2017, Acton’s website unveiled a new initiative: Acton Learn Pages. Website visitors can now pick a particular track and engage with Acton resources at their own pace. The Learn section is broken into three categories: curricula, history and collections.

    Curricula showcases all of Acton’s learning curricula in one place and features “For the Life of the World: Letters to the Exiles,” “The Birth of Freedom DVD Study Set” and the “PovertyCureReThink Missions” kit. You can visit the websites for each of these curricula to learn more or to purchase them.

    Learn’s history category highlights the institute’s namesake, Lord John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton. You can explore Acton’s life and writings under “Lord Acton 101” or you can purchase the new collection, Lord Acton: Historical and Moral Essays. Also featured under history are the “Heroes of Liberty.” Learn more about the men and women who fought for the cause of freedom and liberty throughout history. Featured “heroes” include Michael Novak, Sojourner Truth, Luis de Molina and many, many more.

    Finally, under the Learn banner is collections. Here readers can choose a collection or track to follow to learn more about a particular topic, with curated resources from Acton scholars. Collection issues include Crony capitalism, environment, the European Union, international trade, poverty and Lord Acton. Under the collection issues are more specialized tracks or essential learning collections. Essential learning collections include Cronyism, free trade, Christian stewardship, the future of the European Union, farm subsidies and inequality. Once a track is chosen, the learner can find essays, publications and videos on the topic.

    Acton’s website upgrade in late 2016 has enabled the institute to offer 27 years of writing and research to our followers in a free and easy-touse tool for continued learning and research.

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