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How do we accompany individuals, families, and neighborhoods in the search for economically healthy and socially just communities? What is the role of the local church, nonprofit organizations, and businesses in sustainable human development? Where do we find guidance for those facing unemployment and neighborhood displacement

This conference discusses these questions and other issues surrounding urban poverty, and proposes solutions for societal growth. We’ll explore how moral and economic clarity gives direction in our mission to be true disciples—fostering effective charity and creating an environment for human flourishing.

Free and Virtuous Society conference participants will envision a new framework for examining complex problems facing our communities, a framework built upon a foundation of theological and economic resolution. Participants will network with other catalysts across the United States, ground discussions of real-world problems in biblical principles, and develop leadership capacity through the resources offered for each session.

Participants will also network with religious leaders, business professionals, and academics seeking to impact growth and influence human flourishing throughout cities across our nation.

Space is limited and conference attendance is considered by application only. This conference is ideal for everyone with a personal and/or professional interest in religion, liberty, and market-based economics. Typical FAVS attendees include nonprofit leaders, business professionals, pastors and religious leaders, and graduate students.  

Conference fees, meals, lodging, and travel will be covered for accepted applicants. 

Conference Schedule

  1. Thursday, Sept 28th
  3. 5:15pm              Registration and Reception
  4. 6:00pm              Dinner                     
  5. 7:00pm             Opening Talk
  7. Friday, Sept 29th 
  9. 8:00am             Breakfast
  10. 9:00am            Session 1
  11. 10:30am          Session 2
  12. 12:00pm           Lunch
  13. 2:00pm            Session 3
  14. 3:30 pm           Session 4                                                      
  15. 5:30pm             Dinner  
  16. 7:30pm            Session 5
  2. Saturday, Sept 30th
  4. 8:00am             Breakfast
  5. 9:00am            Session 6
  6. 10:30am          Session 7
  7. 11:45pm           Conference Wrap-Up & Conclusion
  8. 12:00pm           Grab-and-Go Lunch

Event Details

Start Date

End Date


Sheraton Lincoln Harbor Hotel
500 Harbor Boulevard
Weehawken, NJ 07086
United States


Full details will be provided to accepted participants.

Dress for this conference is business casual.