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Judaism, Christianity, and Islam may be three different religions, but they also have much in common. The history of relations between adherents of these faiths is complex, full of both conflict and cooperation. This history is particularly rich in Spain. Join us in Madrid on September 19 to explore the history, challenges, and prospects of Jews, Christians, and Muslims living together in peace, prosperity, and liberty. Themes include:

  • The history of relations between Jews, Christians, and Muslims
  • The history of interfaith relations in Spain
  • Scientific thought from the Abrahamic faiths
  • Economic thought from the Abrahamic faiths
  • Historical examples of collaboration between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

This one-day conference will celebrate the launch of a new center at the Acton Institute, The Collins Center for Abrahamic Heritage, which will explore insights from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam on promoting a free and virtuous society.

Conference Schedule

9:00-9:30am | Welcome Ceremony
Mons. Bernardito Cleopas Auza – Welcome from the Apostolic Nuncio to Spain
Alfonso Bullón de Mendoza y Gómez de Valugera – Welcome from Universidad CEU San Pablo
Kris Alan Mauren – Welcome from the Acton Institute

9:30-11:00am | Panel 1: Muslim, Jewish, and Christian Relations
Elio Gallego – Introduction
Reuven Firestone – The History of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian Relations
María Jesús Viguera – Abrahamic Relations in Al-Andalus

11:35-12:30pm | Panel 2: Scientific Thought and Collaboration from the Abrahamic Faiths
Fr. Manuel Barrios Prieto – Introduction
Nidhal Guessoum – Learning from the Past: Abrahamic Faiths Working Together in Medieval Science

12:30-2:00pm | Panel 3: Economic Thought from the Abrahamic Faiths
Pablo Kleinman – Introduction
Benedikt Koehler – Islam and the Economic Turn in Abrahamic Religions
Alejandro Chafuen – Economic Thought in Christianity

2:00-3:00pm | Lunch

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Universidad CEU San Pablo
Calle Isaac Peral, 58
28040 Madrid Madrid

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