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    In his article in the September 21st edition of National Review, “Toward a conservative environmentalism,” Nate Hochman says, “conservatism and conservation aren’t usually thought of as congruent; in fact, for the better part of a half century, many Americans have seen the two as antithetical.”

    Indeed, environmentalism generally, aspects of it like concern over global warming or climate change, and the various proposed methods of addressing those problems, like the Green New Deal, have been associated with or come from the political left.

    But, according to Hochman, environmentalism need not be a partisan issue or a cause owned by only one ideology. 

    What does a conservative environmentalism look like? How can environmental concerns be better addressed through solutions guided by market-based principles instead of government-led efforts?  And how would a conservative environmentalism that “places the dignity of the human person at the center of its moral understanding” better serve us all?

    Nate Hochman joins us to discuss. 

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