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    This week, Eric Kohn, Dan Hugger, and Dylan Pahman discuss the legacies of two world leaders who have recently passed: Queen Elizabeth II of England and former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. How should these two very different figures be remembered, and what will be their enduring legacies? How should we think about the legacy of the British Empire, which was dissolved under Queen Elizabeth’s reign with the end of British rule in Hong Kong? And how much credit should Gorbachev get for the dissolution of the Soviet Union under his watch when this was never his intention? And finally, the guys discuss the ongoing National Conservatism 3 conference and the status of that movement.


    Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (1926–2022) | Richard Turnbull, Acton Institute

    Would Kuyper go to Mars? | Dylan Pahman, Acton Institute

    Gorbachev Pizza Hut commercial

    What I Saw at the National Conservatism Conference | Dan Hugger, Acton Institute

    National Conservatism and Its Enemies | Religion & Liberty Winter-Spring 2022