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    In the episode of Acton Unwind, Dylan Pahman, Sam Gregg, and Dan Hugger focus on the war in Ukraine and its religious context. What battles over ecclesiastical authority are involved? What is the Russian Orthodox Church saying about the conflict? The discussion then turns to the economic effects of the war on the rest of the world, with particular focus on food production and distribution. Why are some countries affected more severely than others? Then the guys focus on China and both its COVID lockdowns and growing economic problems. How is China moving away from its previous limited economic liberalization? What does this mean for America’s future relationship with China? Lastly, Nancy Pelosi was recently barred from receiving Holy Communion by the archbishop of San Francisco. What makes the Pelosi case different from other examples of Roman Catholic politicians in conflict with received Church teaching on abortion? How will this affect many Americans' understanding of the relationship between church and state?

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