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    “The feminine genius,” a term coined by Pope St. John Paul II, has become something of a buzzword in the Catholic world. But has the fullness of femininity been exhausted? In a new collection of seventeen essays entitled With All Her Mind: A Call to the Intellectual Life, written by Catholic women of diverse backgrounds and vocations, you will find a call to pursue what is too often excluded from our picture of femininity: the intellectual life. Following Mary, the “Seat of Wisdom,” who “treasured” the words of the shepherds and “pondered them in her heart,” With All Her Mind shows how the feminine genius involves both affectivity and active intellectual engagement. With practical advice and personal testimonies and featuring a foreword by celebrated scholar Tracey Rowland, this collection opens readers to the endlessly unique ways for a woman to follow the first and greatest commandment: to love the Lord with all her soul, with all her heart, and with all her mind.

    In this episode, Acton’s research project coordinator Sarah Negri, is joined by guests Dr. Jennifer Frey and Amanda Achtman, two of the seventeen contributors to With All Her Mind. They discuss the importance of having an intellectual life both as women and as human beings in general, touching on such topics as the value of contemplation for both intellectual and spiritual formation, the integrity of the human person, leisure and work in the academic realm, the nature of a liberal education and interior freedom.

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