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The Acton Institute’s internship program has been an integral part of its programming since the Institute’s founding in 1990. The summer internship program was rebranded last year and is now called the Emerging Leaders Program. This program is continually improved upon each year to provide cohorts with incredible job-training and networking experiences, as well as the opportunity to build a professional portfolio.

This summer, I had the privilege of participating in the Emerging Leaders Program through the Koch Internship Program. Before joining the summer 2021 cohort, I graduated from Aquinas College in 2018 with a bachelor of arts in political science, Spanish, and international studies, with an economics minor. I spent a year working for a think tank but eventually left after my internship formally ended. Following that year, I worked several jobs, but I desired to return to work in the think tank and policy arena. Thankfully, after applying to and interviewing for Acton’s Emerging Leaders Program, I was accepted. I was particularly excited, because ever since college, I’ve felt a calling and deep desire to work for Acton.

During our time in the Emerging Leaders Program, my fellow interns and I have been involved with numerous projects, including moderating question-and-answer segments during Acton University and maintaining databases critical to the Institute’s success. We have also been encouraged to write for Acton’s PowerBlog and to work as a team to ensure the quality and accuracy of each project. The Emerging Leaders push each other to be not only better employees but also better people. The programming also encourages us to grow and thrive in our academic and professional careers.

The Emerging Leaders Program is vitally important, as it helps groom the future generation, helping young people understand Acton’s overall mission. I truly believe it is essential to articulate why individual liberty and religious principles are so important by showing how these principles, when connected, allow societies to thrive. This is truly the kind of work I want to pursue throughout my life.

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Andrew Houser is a member of the Acton Institute’s 2021 Emerging Leaders class. He graduated from Aquinas College in 2018 with a B.A. in Political Science, Spanish, and International Studies, with a minor in Economics. In his personal life, he enjoys spending time with his fiancé and following baseball.