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    The Acton Institute’s 30th anniversary has been a time of both reflecting on the past and looking forward to the future. Since its founding, the Acton Institute has been centered on the human person in their individual and intrinsic dignity. It is out of our respect for human persons and their God-given nature that we make a principled and moral case for liberty.

    Liberty, in a positive sense, is achieved by our fulfilling our nature as persons by freely choosing to do what we ought. It is thus intimately tied to responsibility. This principled and moral case for liberty extends, of course, to economic matters. Our work in vocations and our stewardship of resources must be freely chosen but also never free from the duties of service to our neighbors.

    In this issue, we share the news of our 30th Anniversary Celebration, which I hosted along with Kris Mauren, as well as our second major online conference of the year—the Poverty Cure Summit. These successful virtual events help us not only continue our work amid the COVID-19 pandemic but also reach new and larger audiences with our message. Our mission is conditioned by a responsibility to impact others in new ways.

    It is also a pleasure to share our congratulations to Jimmy Lai on the occasion of his reception of the Faith and Freedom Award for his tireless efforts to promote freedom in Hong Kong and around the world. I would also recommend to you our latest print publication, Race and Covenant: Recovering the Religious Roots for American Reconciliation. It is a timely volume with contributions from scholars who explore the past and present of our nation’s racial divide and provide a biblical and constructive path toward reconciliation.

    None of this would be possible without the generous support of our donors. Thank you! Your support is more important than ever in these difficult times. If you are just learning about Acton, be sure to check out our website, and please prayerfully consider supporting us in our mission.

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    Rev. Robert A. Sirico is president emeritus and the co-founder of the Acton Institute. Hereceived his Master of Divinity degree from the Catholic University of America following undergraduate study at the University of Southern California and the University of London. During his studies and early ministry, he experienced a growing concern over the lack of training religious studies students receive in fundamental economic principles, leaving them poorly equipped to understand and address today's social problems. As a result of these concerns, Fr. Sirico co-founded the Acton Institute with Kris Alan Mauren in 1990.