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Sirico Parables book

    Over 40 dedicated team members work at the Acton Institute, and each has a unique story. Amanda Oetting has worked at the Acton Institute for three years as an external relations officer. Growing up, her homeschool education was built upon a foundation of moral absolutes.

    While studying political science at Hillsdale College, she was captivated by studying the rise and fall of ancient civilizations and quickly began to understand the anthropological link to their successes and failures. After a cross-country teammate told her about Acton, she discovered Jay Richard’s lecture, Why Libertarians Need God, and everything started to click as she began understanding the unmistakable connection between moral absolutes, true liberty and human flourishing.

    “An empire’s success was not simply linked to time, place or natural resources,” Oetting explained. “If that were the case, America wouldn’t be a land of abundance. Rather, a flourishing civilization flows from a limited government that respects the inherent dignity (imago dei) and unimaginable ingenuity of the human person, allowing citizens to use their comparative advantage to engage in a robust division of labor.”

    Wise words from a dedicated team member. Thank you, Amanda Oetting.

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