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Sirico Parables book

    “… [I]ncompetence is actually inherent to human learning. To some degree, it is unavoidable in any form of government or organization. All competence is learned, though different people have more natural aptitude at some skills than others.”

    —Excerpted from Dylan Pahman’s article in Public Discourse

    Paul Bonicelli
    Title: Emmanuel Macron wins French presidential election
    Program: Fox Business
    Airdate: 05.08.17

    Dylan Pahman
    Title: Suppose you were an idiot:
    On the importance of acknowledging incompetence
    Publication: Public Discourse
    Date: 05.31.17

    Samuel Gregg
    Title: Walking in the shadow of Globalism
    Publication: Library of Law and Liberty
    Date: 06.13.17

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