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    “History bears witness to the human experience that those societies exercising the most freedom experience the greatest relief from poverty. It should come as no surprise that the percentage of the world’s population living in extreme poverty has been reduced by 50 percent over the last quartercentury precisely for this reason.”

    —Excerpted from Rev. Robert Sirico’s article in The Philadelphia Inquirer

    Samuel Gregg
    Title: Capitalism, Conservative and the Intellectuals
    Publication: Public Discourse
    Date: 10.11.17

    Samuel Gregg
    Title: Edmund Burke’s Conservative Case for Free Markets
    Publication: Burkean Journal
    Date: 11.02.17

    Rev. Robert Sirico
    Title: Despite evidence, myth of the Marxist utopia persists
    Publication: The Philadelphia Inquirer
    Date: 11.06.17

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