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Sirico Parables book

    “It’s one thing to be, for instance, dishonest but acknowledge you are doing evil. It’s altogether different to say that no such moral absolutes exist: that morality is in effect a fiction, a mere set of customs to be dispensed with, whenever convenient.”

    —Excerpted from Samuel Gregg’s article in The Catholic World Report

    Victor Claar
    Title: Price gougers deserve medals
    Publication: The Detroit News
    Date: 9.07.17

    Acton Institute
    Title: Betsy DeVos praises Trump tax plan, criticizes “sycophants of the system,” in Grand Rapids speech
    Publication: Grand Rapids Press
    Date: 10.19.17

    Samuel Gregg
    Title: When Evil Triumphed: The 100th anniversary of Russia’s October Revolution
    Publication: Catholic World Report
    Date: 10.23.17

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