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JUNE 23-24
JUNE 23-24


Zoltán Kész is one of the founders of the Free Market Foundation in Hungary. The mission of the Free Market Foundation is to represent, defend, and advance free market values, ideas, and policies in Hungary and among speakers of the Hungarian language. The foundation stands for personal liberty and responsibility, the rule of law and tolerance, the strengthening of liberty rights, transparency, and constitutional government. In 2015, he won a by-election in Hungary as an independent Member of Parliament, ending the government's two-thirds majority and absolute power of the governing party. He has published many articles in both English and Hungarian. Kész has a weekly column in one of Hungary’s most popular online news sources.

Recent Articles by Zoltán Kész

  • How to defeat populism

    The following speech was delivered at the European Liberty Forum, organized by the Atlas Network in Budapest, Hungary, on September 21, 2017. It has been edited for length and clarity. – Ed