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Peter was CEO of Australian Payments Clearing Association Limited for 14 years. Beginning in 2005, he consulted on payments matters. Before that he was chief economist at the State Bank Victoria; economic adviser to the Australian Bankers’ Association; and headed the department responsible for monetary policy in the public service of Papua, New Guinea. He has a first class honours degree in economics (University of Western Australia) and a Ph.D. (University of Adelaide). He tutored part-time and full-time for five years at the Universities of Western Australia and Adelaide. He has published in professional journals on economics and payments matters, including a number of articles on Keynesian monetary theory, and has spoken at a large number of economics and payments conferences and seminars within Australia and overseas. Retired, he blogs and writes regularly for Quadrant and authored the book Bad Economics, published by Connor Court in 2012.

Recent Articles by Peter Smith

  • Robots will not create a workless world

    “…Most of us will have less and less money to buy the dazzling array of products and services spawned by blockbuster technologies - because those same technologies will be supplanting our