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The Great Works at the Acton Institute Open House

Thursday, November 4, 4pm - 8pm

Very soon, Acton will arrive at its 25th Anniversary and the conclusion of the [email protected] Capital Campaign. In response to a burgeoning demand for our work, we launched a capital campaign in 2012 to support Acton's physical expansion and programmatic growth. Since moving to our new workspace, we have been able to plan larger-than-ever conferences, produce a DVD curriculum and documentary, and situate our unique collection of 13,000 books. Perhaps most encouraging, nearly 2,000 people have attended our in-house lectures to learn more about free enterprise, individual liberty, and personal responsibility!

We are just under $1 million away from reaching our $12.5 million campaign goal, which we are determined to accomplish by our twenty-fifth anniversary next year.

Some of the projects that we hope to complete:

  • Finishing our television studio will permit our scholars to accept the growing number of interview requests we receive, and to impart their knowledge through live and delayed television appearances;
  • Outfitting our media center will bolster the number of podcasts and range of syndicated radio programming we produce;
  • Purchasing cutting-edge cameras for our auditorium will give our online supporters the opportunity to "attend" Acton events virtually;
  • Installing a rooftop garden will result in a unique event space that boasts a beautiful view of the city.

We have been blessed with a beautiful building in which we've been able to display art, screen fascinating documentaries, and hear from some truly talented speakers. The success of the capital campaign will improve Acton's commitment to serving the Grand Rapids community as well as lovers of liberty throughout the nation and the world.

Thank you to our many supporters that have placed confidence in Acton as the organization to promote the free and virtuous society.

Kris Alan Mauren
Executive Director

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Kris Mauren is co-founder and executive director of Acton Institute, an international educational and public policy organization based in Grand Rapids, Michigan with international offices in Rome, Italy and Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The Institute publishes scholarship and film and organizes educational seminars around the world for current and future religious leaders across denominations promoting an understanding of the ethical dimensions of the free market economy.  The Institute also works with business leaders, helping them to embrace their work as a worthy calling and