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This story is a centerpiece in the Acton Institute's DVD-based small group curriculum titled, Our Great Exchange: Discover the Fullness of What it Means to Be God's Steward to be released in the Summer of 2012. Charles W. "Chuck" Colson stewarded  life's unique, and very public, circumstances to ultimately bring glory to his Savior, boldly preserving and promoting Truth that is foundational for human flourishing.

This September 2011 interview with Chuck Colson was the last interview he granted to any media organization. Many know of his profound, inspiring and winsome ability to shape culture and galvanize the Christian community toward thoughtful and principled action and engagement. Here in this interview, Chuck provides a rare glimpse into how God worked through his life experiences to animate his visionary efforts and shape his profound legacy.

The staff of the Acton Institute count it a privilege to have partnered with Chuck Colson and our friends at Prison Fellowship/Breakpoint during the last two decades. We invite you to learn from some of the insights Chuck Colson shared with us over the years at:

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