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How can I learn more about The Acton Institute Semester Internship?

You can learn more about The Acton Institute Semester Internship by visiting The Acton Institute Semester Internship homepage, or by emailing [email protected]

What is the deadline for applying to The Acton Institute Semester Internship?

We accept applicants on a rolling basis. Dates for the Semester Internship are flexible in order to accommodate an intern’s school schedule.

What are the requirements to be accepted to the Semester Internship at Acton Institute?

The Acton Institute requires that candidates have a 3.0 GPA or higher. We accept rising juniors, seniors, recent graduates and graduate students into the program.

What is the stipend offered for The Acton Institute Semester Internship?

The stipend provided for our Semester Internship depends upon the hours per week and the duration of weeks. 

Are The Acton Institute Semester Internship stipends taxable?

The stipend participants receive is taxable by the IRS and may be taxable by other tax authorities.

Do I have to move to Grand Rapids to participate in the Acton Institute Semester Internship?

Acton’s Semester Internship requires that all participants relocate to Grand Rapids for the duration of the internship. You can learn more about the vibrant Grand Rapids community here.

What opportunities exist after the internship?

Acton Institute places a high priority on helping internship participants with job placement at the conclusion of their time with us. Interns have the opportunity to meet and work with Human Resources who will assist with preparing their resume and furthering their professional development. In addition, our alumni relations department assists with placing internship participants in careers throughout our network.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any further question.