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Acton through the ages

The following is a small sample of the existing photographs of Lord Acton taken throughout his lifetime. We tried to include pictures from various stages in his life. 


Young Lord Acton


Young Lord Acton.


Acton circle


This photograph is from Lord Acton and His Circle, published in 1906.


Acton portrait by Lenbach


Portrait of Lord Acton, by F. von Lenbach. National Portrait Gallery, London (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).


Acton at Tegernsee


In this photograph, we find Lord Acton (far right) conversing with Dollinger (to Acton's left) and William Gladstone (left seated).


Lord Acton


Lord Acton.


Acton in his Library


This is a photograph taken from the Acton Collection in Cambridge University Library.


Bettmann archive photo


This photograph is from Bettmann Archive, Inc., New York City.