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Sirico Parables book

How does one distinguish between genuine ecological problems requiring focused human action and environmental fears unsubstantiated by fact? As human obligation to fellow man must be informed by the truth of the human person, human obligation over creation must likewise be informed by environmental truth. This section will introduce sound scientific justifications for action to address certain environmental problems and critically examine the science surrounding others.

If one wishes to obtain a sound environmental policy, then it is necessary for one to understand the science behind environmental issues. While a forest of literature has been produced about various topics with in the environment, the broad nature of the topic makes it difficult for the layperson to fully grasp all the arguments. The Pacific Research Institute's "Index of Leading Environmental Indicators" brings the main questions of environmental science into focus. The index gives insight into the issues of air quality, water purity, forest ecology, and wildlife habitat, with clear scholarly science presented in laypersons' terms. This piece brings a fresh and qualified voice into the greater discussion of Environmental Stewardship being led by the Acton Institute.