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Is the human population expanding faster than the earth can sustain? Did God create the earth with definite limits on how "fruitful" human beings may be and on the extent to which humans should "multiply" and "fill the earth"? Does the human person, as a being created in the image and likeness of God, have an obligation to discover the earth's productive potential, or must he limit his footprints upon the earth? This section will explore these questions and emphasize both the spiritual and material needs of the human person and also his ecological responsibilities in maintaining the integrity of creation.

On October 12, 1999, the UN announced the birth of the six billionth person into the world. Ben J. Wattenberg's article in New York Times Magazine evaluates the various arguments for and against the 'population explosion.' By examining many of the statistical myths and the bureaucratic organizations espousing them, Wattenberg takes the sensationalism out of this important and timely topic. Answering the population question takes more than sheer calculation. It necessitates an understanding of people, cultures, liberty and economics. "The Population Explosion Is Over" must be read in order to begin an honest look into the environmental controversy over 'population.'

Further Reading

PDF: “Population and economic systems”
by Rev. Robert A. Sirico