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For 15 years, the Acton Institute has been reaching out to religious leaders, students, scholars, and business people in highly focused events in the United States and abroad. Now, Acton University will bring all of these groups together in a single “main event” to learn together and share experiences from all over the world.

Acton University reaches a large and diverse audience and will be offered to the general public. With more than 40 courses in philosophy, theology, economics, business, and effective compassion, the university allows participants to design their own conference experience, availing themselves of the knowledge of some of the leading experts in these fields.

Acton is excited about this new endeavor. Still, the university does not change our commitments to our other popular events, most notably the Toward a Free and Virtuous Society (FAVS) conferences. One of the many strengths of the FAVS conferences is the intimacy the smaller gathering affords. The limited size of these gatherings – 20 or 25 students at a time – allows Acton faculty to address a wide-rage of specific concerns, both in and out of the classroom, while at the same time to invest personally in each student. FAVS is a highly targeted and effective means of connecting with seminarians and future religious leaders.

What FAVS and the university have in common is the interpersonal interaction among the participants. By engaging one another in the marketplace of ideas, conference and university participants are able not only to further their own education in matters of great importance, but also to connect with allies toward the building of a free and virtuous society. With Acton University in particular, we are able to reach a broader and more diversified network of teachers, preachers, students, business and nonprofit leaders, and scholars.

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Kris Mauren
Executive Director

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Kris Mauren is co-founder and executive director of Acton Institute, an international educational and public policy organization based in Grand Rapids, Michigan with international offices in Rome, Italy and Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The Institute publishes scholarship and film and organizes educational seminars around the world for current and future religious leaders across denominations promoting an understanding of the ethical dimensions of the free market economy.  The Institute also works with business leaders, helping them to embrace their work as a worthy calling and