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From the earliest days of the Acton Institute, Charles W. “Chuck” Colson was a staunch supporter and dear friend to many. On this page, we have gathered a variety of content including speeches, interviews with Acton publications and multimedia. As Prison Fellowship Ministries and the Colson Center put it, in a joint statement,  “Chuck’s life is a testimony to God’s power to forgive, redeem, and transform.”


Chuck Colson: A Life Redeemed

On the Acton PowerBlog, Rev. Robert A. Sirico writes: “One fact stands out, to my mind, namely that notwithstanding the profundity of Chuck’s spiritual transformation, the core of who he was remained and was purified and redirected. Chuck became God’s “hard man,” seeing to it that things got done that needed doing.” Because we owe the next generation economic opportunity, comprehensive budget reform is necessary.

"How Now Shall We Live?"

Charles W. Colson's concluding keynote address at the October 1998 Acton Institute and Calvin College conference titled, “A Century of Christian Social Teaching: The Legacy of Leo XIII and Abraham Kuyper.” Colson was at the time president of Prison Fellowship Ministries.