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Lord Acton

Lord Acton 101

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, more commonly known as Lord Acton, was a prolific scholar, writer statesman, and historian, known as "the magistrate of history," as well as the namesake of the Acton Institute. 


Christian Stewardship

Christians are called to be both productive and to be good stewards. How do we honor God's Creation while enjoying its abundance?

In modern society, a false dichotomy seems to exist. On one side, people say that Christians are called to fill the Earth and exercise dominion over it, to use its resources as good stewards and to be productive. Other Christians claim that we must restore where humanity has polluted and use our resources more wisely. Scripture and a rich theological history, show us that these views are not only compatible, but are also achievable.

Crony Capitalism


Cronyism, also known as corporatism, weakens the free market by using government influence to favor certain businesses over others.

Lobbying, subsidies, tax breaks, regulations, and legislation are all tools used by corporations and government agencies to give unfair advantages to certain businesses while harming their rivals. Meanwhile, small and medium businesses are shut out and consumers can pay the price for limited competition. This causes distortions in the market and weakens the moral framework that should hold together a free society.

European Union

Future of the EU

With fringe parties on the rise and the UK voting to leave, the European Union is in a state of flux. What does the future hold for the EU?

Brexit, protests, terror attacks, immigrant crises, expansive debt and welfare state obligations. The list of the EU's woes are many. Acton experts from across the globe offer their commentary on the wide range of issues that face the EU today, and offer insights on where the EU is headed, and what it must do to survive. 

International Trade

Free Trade

What is free trade, why has it garnered so much attention in the media, and is it good or bad for the economy?

Politicians on both the left and right have demonized free trade in recent years. Many have ridden a populist surge animated by nationalism and a push back against economic globalization. Acton experts explain how free trade is a powerful driver of wealth creation, poverty alleviation and human flourishing.