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Many of the first economists were also Christian clergy. Others were committed believers who used the tools of the new science of political economy to fight such social problems as slavery and the British corn laws. By the next generation, however, many Christian social reformers instead identified as Christian socialists as economics moved further away from its roots in moral philosophy. What happened in the meantime? How did faithful activists go from pursuing “Christian political economy” to “Christian socialism”?

At Acton’s second annual academic colloquium, scholars from around the world will be exploring those questions and more as they present their developing research. Join us for this one-day event on Friday, October 7, 2022, at the Acton Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Discuss big ideas with paper presenters and other conference participants. Delve deeper into the history of economics and Christian care for the “least of these” among us (Matt. 25:40), not only in the past but in our world today.

Ross B. Emmett
Ross B. Emmett
Arizona State University

Professor of Economic Thought & Director of the Center for the Study of Economic Liberty in the School of Civic and Economic Thought

Ross B. Emmett is professor of economic thought and director of the Center for the Study of Economic Liberty in the School of Civic and Economic Thought at Arizona State University. His plenary lecture is entitled, "Nineteenth-Century British Christian Socialism: The Attempt to Re-Unite That Which Malthus Tore Asunder."

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Start Date

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Acton Institute
98 Fulton Street E
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
United States


9:30am       Coffee reception and Registration

10:00am     Opening remarks

10:30am     First Short Paper Panel

  • John D. Mueller, "Political Economy as Protestant Theology" (remote)
  • Richard Turnbull, "Evangelicals and Business in the Nineteenth Century" (remote)
  • Michael Douma, "The Reformed Church in America and the Problem of Slavery"

12:00pm    Lunch

2:00pm      Second Short Paper Panel

  • Nathanael Snow, "Catallactic Theology: Reconciling Political Economy and Theology in a Pluralist Institutional Environment"
  • Bradley W. Bateman, "Christian Theology and American Economics: From the Free Market to Socialism"
  • Dylan Pahman, "F. D. Maurice and the Patristic Sources of Christian Socialism"

3:30pm     Coffee Break

4:00pm     Plenary Lecture by Dr. Ross B. Emmett

5:00pm     End of Conference


The registration fee is $25, with a reduced student rate of $15 for any up-and-coming young scholars, or a group rate of $10 per person for groups of ten or more.

For further details, contact Dylan Pahman, executive editor, Journal of Markets & Morality[email protected].

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