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Sirico Parables book

For much of our nation’s history, the local church’s role in building and maintaining flourishing communities was well understood, accepted, and acted upon. Recent confusion about this role, within the Church and outside of it, has contributed to a breakdown of community and has increased social alienation. Regaining a robust appreciation for the institutions of civil society, the local church being preeminent, will be key in the redemption and renewal of these people and places.




  1. Thursday, August 4
  3. 5:00pm             Registration and Reception
  4. 6:00pm             Dinner                     
  5. 7:00pm             Session 1
  6. 8:00pm             Hospitality

  8. Friday, August 5
  10. 8:00am             Breakfast
  11. 9:00am            Session 2
  12. 10:30am          Session 3
  13. 12:00pm          Lunch
  14. 2:00pm            Session 4
  15. 3:30 pm           Session 5                                                      
  16. 5:30pm             Dinner  
  17. 7:00pm            Session 6

Saturday, August 6

  1. 8:00am             Breakfast  
  2. 9:00am            Session 7
  3. 10:30am          Session 8
  4. 11:45am          Conference Wrap-Up & Conclusion
  5. 12:00pm          Grab-and-Go Lunch  


Covid-19 Conference Information

  • This is an in-person program. Individuals not comfortable with meeting in-person should not apply to this program.
  • Should local or federal regulations change, Acton Institute staff will communicate next steps in a timely fashion.

Event Details

Start Date

End Date


The Westin Minneapolis
88 South 6th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55402
United States


Full details will be provided to accepted participants.

Accepted participants will receive a conference package that includes single-occupancy lodging, meals, and limited travel assistance. There are no fees to attend; participants must apply to attend.


Applications Open until July 5th

Conference Speakers
Rachel Ferguson, PH.D.

Rachel Ferguson, PH.D.

Professor of Business & Assistant Dean, Director of The Center For Free Enterprise
Concordia University Chicago

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