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Sirico Parables book

Join the Acton Institute for an open house on Tuesday, Nov. 30 from 4pm-8pm for an open house to see many curated works from The Remnant Trust, a public educational foundation that shares an actively growing collection of manuscripts, first edition and early works dealing with the topics of individual liberty and human dignity with some pieces dating as early as 2500 B.C. Works on display at the Acton Institute include:

  • BibleEpistle of Paul to the Romans: Romans IX-XII, ca. 1250
  • Declaration of Independence [in] Journals of the Assembly1777
  • Abraham LincolnEmancipation Proclamation, 1862
  • George Orwell1984, 1949
  • Frederic DouglassMy Bondage and My Freedom, 1855
  • AristotleNichomachean Ethics, 1488
  • Thomas AquinasSumma Theologiae Pars Secunda, 1475
  • John Dalberg ActonHistorical Essays and Studies, 1907

And many more! View the full catalog here

Private group tours are available upon request.

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