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Acton University Online is not your typical digital conference. It’s a unique, two-day, live & interactive experience exploring the intellectual foundations of a free society.

We're bringing together leaders in business and the church, academia and the ministry, the developed and the developing world, from a variety of faith traditions to explore what makes a free and virtuous society.

Organized around a series of core sessions on religious liberty; technology and big government versus privacy; freedom of speech and the press; social responsibility of business; law, liberty, and space; artificial intelligence, religion, and anthropology Acton University Online presents a holistic framework for understanding the foundations of genuine human flourishing. Other sessions offer opportunities to dig deeper into timely questions of poverty, economic development, automation, vocation, trade, finance, socialism, entrepreneurship, religious freedom, social justice, inequality, and stewardship.

Join us for two engaging and inspiring days that will equip you to build and advance a free and virtuous society!

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