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In this fascinating memoir, historian Lee Edwards who knew and worked with Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, and William F. Buckley, Jr. for nearly five decades reveals what motivated these giants of the modern conservative movement—a staunch belief in free enterprise and a love of God.
Called “The Voice of the Silent Majority” by the New York Times, Dr. Edwards has done it all in his remarkable multi-faceted career including writing the first political biography of Reagan, directing the national publicity for the most consequential loser in American politics—presidential candidate Goldwater--and building the Victims of Communism Memorial to the more than 100 million victims of communism. 
In an inspiring final chapter of “Just Right: A Life in Pursuit of Liberty,” Dr. Edwards argues that conservatives must forge a New Fusionism if they want to remain a major political and philosophical force.


Lee Edwards, Ph.D.
The Heritage Foundation

Distinguished Fellow in Conservative Thought

Lee Edwards, Ph.D., is the Distinguished Fellow in Conservative Thought at The Heritage Foundation. Dr. Edwards and his wife Anne reside in Alexandria, Virginia. A prolific writer, Lee Edwards’ essays have appeared in Reader's Digest, National Review and such leading newspapers as the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Detroit News and the Washington Times.

His fifteen books range from Ronald Reagan: A Political Biography, written in 1967 to Educating for Liberty: The First Half Century of ISI, written in 2003, and include Missionary for Freedom: The Life and Times of Walter Judd, Goldwater: The Man Who Made a Revolution and The Conservative Revolution: The Movement that Remade America.

Educated at Duke University, the Sorbonne (Paris) and the Catholic University of America, Dr. Edwards was a fellow at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and is now an Adjunct Professor of Politics at the Catholic University of America.  He was founding director of the Institute on Political Journalism at Georgetown University, is past president of The Philadelphia Society and is Chairman of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation.

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